Wondering about the "missing" cookie banners? It's not needed here.

Probably, you will find articles on this page stating about the usually paradox handling of digital privacy. In contrary, this privacy page is about the digital spook (.com) itself.

Short Summary:

  • This page does not use any cookies, except the ones necessary to make the page work. None of these cookies is shared to any third parties and can only be read by the digital spook. These cookies are especially "session cookies", which destroy themselves upon closing your browser, and login cookies to log you into the subscribers' section.
  • There are no third party tools implemented or things hosted elsewhere in the "cloud" or "software as a service". Every tool we use is self-hosted on servers under our control, physically based in Germany.

This website values your privacy and is currently not using any third party trackers, tools or invasive data collecting. We are heavily sticking to what we are evangelists for and do not share any data of you with anyone.

Nevertheless, we use a certain stack of open source software, which has to collect some data to work properly. Below, you can find a short list of the tools, their intend and where the data ends up.

  • Ghost CMS
    The software powering this website. Open source, self hosted in Germany and valuing your privacy by default, ghost is the content management system behind the digital spook.
  • Commento (for comments)
    As well, open source and hosted on servers under our control, not sharing your data with anyone, we use commento.io for comments.
  • Plausible (for analytics)
    There is no need for privacy hurting tracking tools - mostly. For this site, we use plausible.io, as well self maintained and hosted in Germany. All statistics are fully de-personalized and GDPR compliant.

To maintain you membership, we have to store your email address. By signing up to our newsletters or even a membership, you agree to get occasional emails informing you about new content and services. Your email address and all other personal data will never be shared to anyone else than the team of the digital spook.

Data we collect, store and process:

  • Some logs on our servers: Our web server is nginx, free and open source software. Nginx is writing logs upon your your visit of our website, which can contain your IP address and sometimes the browser and operating system your using. These logs are kept for around 30 days and afterwards deleted.
  • If you subscribe to our website: Your email address, which is needed to identify your login, and to send you occasionally informations about the digital spook (.com) or your membership.
  • Data you submit us by your free will: If you get in contact with us, either via email or other channels, we will store the data you submit (like by example your name) to be able to handle your request.

By using this site, you give us your explicit agreement on these points and allow us to use your data to work on and handle your requests as necessary. Mainly, the data collected is necessary to just make the page functionally working.