"Digitalisation". "Digitization". "Transformation".

Or: Hunted by buzz-words.

You know the buzz-words, which have the power to change industries and the daily life of a lot of people - even there is no common agreement what it is about?

In Europe's businesses, especially the small-to-mid-sized ones, such a ghost is haunting. Mid and high-level management does feel a need of "Digitalisation" badly. Nevertheless, there is no common understanding what this spooky thing means in practice: "What" shall be done, and more important: "Why" should it be done?

In fact, these organizations are stumbling - in practice, it's likely trying to tackle down new challenges with an old, rusty tool set. As well, in practice, it ends in an extensive shopping tour at - mostly not European - software suppliers.

This site is all about the digital spook (.com) haunting in Europe.

The author is working on digital transformation projects since years now, bringing in a technical background with a holistic view. Suffering the same paradoxons again and again, there are quite some stories to tell and a lot of (subjective) advice to share.